Experiential Portal

Experiential Portal

Web design and development case studies.

Experiential Learning

Lehman Experiential Learning Portal

The Lehman College experiential learning portal is the college’s one-stop shop for internships, jobs, and life-long learning opportunities. The site features a listing of available jobs and internships in the Bronx and New York City, career advisement, and more. The site was built in-house by the college’s Web Services team, under the direction of David Stevens, without the use of outside consultants.

My role:

  • – Project Lead
  • – User Experience Lead
  • – Information Architect
  • – Design Lead
  • – Front-end Developer Co-lead
  • – Photographer Contributor


More about David Stevens

  • Category : Web Design
  • Date : January 9, 2017
  • Client : Lehman College
  • Address : lehman.edu/experiential-learning
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