Experiential Portal

Experiential Portal

Web design and development case studies.

Image of the web interface for the Experiential Learning Portal Website

Lehman Experiential Learning Portal

The Lehman College experiential learning portal is the college’s one-stop shop for internships, jobs, and life-long learning opportunities. The site features a listing of available jobs and internships in the Bronx and New York City, career advisement, and more. The site was built in-house by the college’s Web Services team, under the direction of David Stevens, without the use of outside consultants.

My role:

  • – Project Lead
  • – User Experience Lead
  • – Information Architect
  • – Design Lead
  • – Front-end Developer Co-lead
  • – Photographer Contributor


More about David Stevens

  • Category : Web Design
  • Date : January 9, 2017
  • Client : Lehman College
  • Address : lehman.edu/experiential-learning
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