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Idexx Vet Connect

Idexx Vet Connect

Web and application design for VetConnect.com

Idexx Veterinary Portal

Idexx VetConnect

Beginning in 1999 and continuing through late 2000, I was the lead Application Designer for the industry leading online veterinary portal, VetConnect, Inc., where I designed and developed web interfaces for the company’s public website and private intranet sites. I interfaced with the java team and marketing team’s to deliver web interfaces and online ad banners in the most fast-paced and exhilarating work environment I’ve yet experienced in my career (and the late night half-life video game tournaments weren’t bad either).

My role:

  • – User Experience & User Interface Design Lead
  • – Front-end Web Developer


More about David Stevens

  • Category : Web Design
  • Date : January 1, 2017
  • Client : Idexx Laboratories
  • Address : vetconnect.com
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